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Our Harrop Performance Centre in Victoria Park specialises in customising cars with the hottest automotive performance products proudly designed and manufactured in Australia by Harrop Engineering.

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Harrop performance products

We have vast experience in all the Harrop performance products, dyno tuning, engine mods, brakes & driveline upgrades. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us.


Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning gives your vehicle a tune-up of unparalleled quality, providing you with the smoothest, most economical performance possible from your vehicle. Regardless of what modifications you have, dyno tuning makes a huge difference. When you add performance parts to your vehicle, the ECU’s calibration has to be modified to take full advantage of these upgrades.  With one of our in house custom tune, your ECU will have a calibration that is unique to your car and the upgrades fitted. 

Dyno tuning commodore

Vehicle Performance Systems

Unleash your V8 Commodore, HSV, Ford Mustang, Ford Falcon or Toyota 86. Choose from the range of our Harrop performance packages, engineered specifically to unlock the potential of your vehicle. You get some seriously impressive performance with a driveline warranty. We have performance packages available from a simple intake upgrade or exhaust options all the way to full-on supercharged kits.

Performance packs parts

Performance Superchargers

The Harrop range of Superchargers utilise Eaton’s Twin Vortices Series™ (TVS™) technology. Our range are a Roots-type positive displacement supercharger designed for a variety of engine applications delivering more power and torque for uncompromising, high-performance driving. Our range of superchargers set a new standard of performance and reaffirms Harrop and Eaton’s leadership in the performance automotive market.


Brake Upgrades

High-performance brakes and brake packages are available to suit a wide array of vehicles. With their foundations in Australian V8 touring car development and worldwide premium after-market manufacturing, Harrop is synonymous with high-performance brakes and delivers high-quality brake upgrade systems.

Brake upgrades

Driveline Systems

Recognise for designing and developing braking and driveline products for a variety of high-profile race categories, Harrop’s performance products are world-class and now you can benefit from years or racing development in the range of brake and driveline upgrades for your street car. Designed to handle increased engine performance, the range of high quality after-market driveline products will ensure that the power and torque can be put to the road/track with confidence time and time again. 

Driveline upgrades

Engine mods & Upgrades

When it comes to engine mods and upgrades for your car the list is endless. You can select several options from mild to wild. We have a vast selection of upgrades available.

Engine upgrade

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