Log Book Servicing

Log Book Servicing

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Log Book Servicing

Save money on servicing without
compromising your manufacturer’s warranty.

Servicing for All Makes & Models

New car logbook services completed by Youngs WA are 100% compliant with your manufacturer’s service requirements.

It’s very important to make sure you maintain your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications, requirements and recommendations, especially while the vehicle is under manufacturer's warranty. That is of course, if you want to keep your new car warranty valid.

You can feel confident that your manufacturer’s warranty will remain intact when you get your logbook services at Youngs WA because we have the qualified mechanics, the expert equipment and only use high quality parts and oils.

We’ll also provide you with an itemised report of what’s been done, stamp your logbook and give you a mechanical safety report including a video report detailing anything that may need future attention.

Competitive prices are standard

Each scheduled service requires items to be checked and parts replaced, and these differ depending on the kilometers traveled and time since the vehicle was first registered.

The price of each log book service varies because each service is different. We will be happy to give you an exact upfront cost of any logbook service for any make or model vehicle. Simply tell us your make, model and a few other details.

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All prices quoted for any log book service include; labour, parts, oils and all service items as recommended by the manufacturer.


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Log Book Servicing

Log Book Servicing
How to Keep Your New Car Warranty Valid

Log Book Servicing

Use Qualified Mechanics

Use a qualified mechanic.

With 60 years of experience servicing cars you can be assured we have the knowledge and reputation that makes us the envy of most service centres. Our mechanics are amongst the best in Perth and form a very important part of the Young’s WA team. They are qualified and highly experienced in log book servicing on any make or model vehicle. There is no question that using our technicians for log book servicing on any vehicle make or model will compromise any manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty.

We have all the latest equipment and expertise to provide high quality log book servicing.

if a problem arises that is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty the vehicle should be taken to a franchised dealer for those repairs to be carried out free of charge. Youngs WA are not able to claim the costs of any such repairs.

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Log Book Servicing

Service Regularly

Ensure servicing is done on time.

It is very important that log book services are done on time at the manufacturers recommended time-frame and all items on the scheduled service are carried out. If you don’t adhere to these intervals, the manufacturer may have the right to decline a warranty claim regardless of any previous service history or where the car was serviced.

It’s also important to know, the service intervals are time or distance – whichever occurs first. The ‘whichever occurs first’ is important. For example, if the manufacturer intervals are every 12 months or 15,000 km, you must have the car serviced either before the 12-month mark or, before you drive 15,000 kms. Say for example, after 11 months you’ve only driven 10,000 kms, you still need to get the car serviced because it’s reaching the 12-month mark.

That works both ways, if you’re driving high kilometers and you’re reaching 15,000 kms only 8-months since your last service, you need to carry out the next scheduled service before you reach 15,000 kms.

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Log Book Servicing

Use Quality Parts

Use quality parts.

We only use quality and reputable products such as Mobil oil and brand filters. When carrying out logbook services, we can offer you the choice of;

  • Manufacturer genuine parts or,
  • High quality after-market parts

Every part or consumable we use in a log book service (or any other service for that matter) always complies with the ACCC guidelines for servicing.

After-market (non-genuine) parts will not by any means compromise your new vehicle warranty as long as the parts used are good quality, fit for the purpose and equal the manufacturers specifications. In a lot of cases, after-market (non-genuine) parts are a lower cost alternative for the same or better-quality part.

Ask us about the difference.

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