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Things have changed. We've changed. Welcome to the new generation of buying a used car in Perth.

Buying a car should be easy and it should be fun, so we decided to make it that way - a whole lot easier & much more fun. In a nutshell, that's who we are and what we've done.

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  • quality used cars

    Quality Used Cars

    Get the best car for your money and all the quality and warranty assurances a large independent dealer like us can give you. It's better with peace of mind.

  • clear pricing guarantee

    Clear Pricing Guarantee

    Means you get our lowest price upfront. There's no need to worry about haggling, we've done all the hard work and know our cars are the best price & value in Perth.

  • better car finance

    Better Car Finance

    Much more than you’d expect. There's a tonne of extra value our in-house car finance specialists give you when organising finance for your car.

  • 3 year warranty

    3 Years Warranty

    A warranty worth the paper it’s written on. Everything is clearly set out so you'll know exactly what to do and what's covered.

About Youngs WA

Youngs WA Pty Ltd has been selling and servicing cars in Victoria Park, Perth for nearly 60 years. We're a West Australian family owned and operated company that previously traded under the name Youngs Holden, but now we're simply called Youngs WA.

We've shaken things up a bit (a lot actually) and our new-found freedom has given us the opportunity to make some changes to serve you better.

As a large independent used car & service business with a massive range of used cars for sale and a lot of added benefits to boot, we are creating a new generation of Perth used car dealers. We've spent a lot of time working on our services to give you a better quality car at the best price possible.

Plus, we decided to make the whole process of buying a used car a whole lot easier and much more fun. The way it should be.

Our roots being what they are give our customers number of extra customer benefits. We know a good used car when we see one and that's what we choose to sell. We know a lot about the features on our late model cars, which you'll agree is a necessity (especially if you've ever been to a car yard where the sales people know nothing about the car they're trying to sell). Last but not least, all of our used cars are put through a strict workshop routine carried out by highly factory trained & experienced technical staff before they're offered for sale.

Finally, and this is important. We want all our customers to know, Youngs is still in Victoria Park and able to help with all your past, present and future motoring needs. Drop in or call us about anything. You can easily find our car sales centre on Albany Highway, Victoria Park, just a short distance from the Causeway.


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